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Pregnancy • Postpartum • Baby Blues • Children

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Mothers Work Harder than Anyone Else.
And Sometimes It Takes a Toll.

Maybe you’re struggling with pregnancy.

Maybe you’re having baby blues.

Maybe you have postpartum depression.

Maybe your kids have behavior or learning issues.

(There too many reasons to list here)

This might be what you’re feeling these days.


We don’t think you have to live with the pain.

Our Clinic has lived for TWO Generations

There’s a reason we’ve been around for two generations…we actually help.

Inspired by her chiropractor dad, she dove headfirst into chiropractic school, determined to make a difference.

Through late nights and challenging exams, Dr. Jess honed her skills and embraced the healing power of chiropractic care. When her dad decided to retire, she fearlessly took over the clinic, continuing his legacy of compassion and expertise.

Now, as the proud owner of the clinic, Dr. Jess combines her unique approach with her dad’s wisdom, providing top-notch care to the community. With her warm smile and genuine concern, she’s transforming lives and restoring vitality.

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Dr. Jess Bruin - Bloomington's #1 Female Chiropractor

“Everything you need in one place. They aren’t there for the money. They are there to help patients feel better and have a better quality of life without depending on prescriptions!”

Lorna Townsend


Chiropractic care can be an effective treatment for both prenatal women and children to help maintain optimal posture during pregnancy or detect any misalignments that may lead to developmental issues later down the road.


Your Objectives.

During your initial visit with us, we will do a full analysis to determine your health objectives that are important to you.


Your plan

After we do our analysis, we will put together a customized health plan just for you.


Your Results

During care, we will keep track of your progress to make sure we are still on the path towards health success.

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Look at what Jamey achieved with chiropractic!

Back pain to pain-free pregnancy and postpartum!

What’s included with the “mom care” plan?


Initial exam to review medical history, ask questions, and diagnostic tests


A plan just for your pregnancy. We may also recommend chiropractic, stretches, and other therapies to get you back to optimal health.


During this wellness stage, although your visits are less frequent, they are just as important. We want you to stay in the healthy state and use our team as a health resource for you.

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Is this for you?

Imagine a life without pain

Who This is For

>> Moms wanting to get pregnant
>> Moms during pregnancy
>> Moms with baby blues
>> Moms with postpartum
>> Children with behavioral or learning issues

Areas of Discomfort

>> Neck or Back Pain
>> Headaches
>> Sciatica
>> Kids with attention issues
>> Many more

What Life Looks Like Now

>> Pleasant pregnancy
>> No baby blues
>> No postpartum depression
>> More energy
>> Quality sleep
>> Many more benefits

Are you still trying to decide?

Here are more success stories!

Being Healthy is a Journey.

You can do this.

It’s easier with help.

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